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About Brookstone

SRL Distribute the Brookstone range of quality products. Our ranges include impulse purchase items which are ideal for generating impulse sales on your forecourt or in your store. Brookstone are our innovation partners and specialise in developing SKU’s that are well designed, presented in premium packaging and use innovative point of purchase displays to ensure you get maximum return on your displays.

There are a vast range of branded Merchandising solutions available to meet all of today’s retailing needs. From free standing display units and impulse counter displays to proven fixture plannograms, we can work closely with your business to fully understand and implement the appropriate merchandising tool for you.

For more information on this range or any products distributed by SRL international Simply mail or phone +353 (0)1 968 02 90 / +353 (0)1 968 03 44



Brookstone Product Range


    • brookstone-compressorPowered by 12V lighter socket
    • Complete with 3 nozzles
    • 3 metre cord
    • Easy to use pressure gauge
    • Nylon air hose with quick release chuck
    • Ideal for inflating tyres, sporting and camping equipment
    • Secure valve attachment
    • Fast inflation
    • Measures up to 250 psi
    • Great for emergencies
    • Heavy duty
    • Lightweight and compact



De mister Pads

    • brookstone-demister-padsNaturally gentle and safe for all surfaces
    • Ideal for removing water and mist from windscreens
    • Restores clear vision for improved driving safety
    • Streak-free and scratch-free finish
    • Use on any surface for a lint-free shine
    • Washable



2 Ton Tow Rope

  • brookstone-tow-ropeRot resistant,
  • Heavy duty,
  • Forged hooks,
  • Poly braided.

Chamois Leather

  • Brookstone-Chamois-LeatherAbsorbs up to 4 times its weight in water
  • Naturally gentle and super absorbent
  • Streak and scratch free finish
  • Washable


    • brookstone-screwdriverRatcheting mechanism tightens/loosens screws faster and more efficiently
    • Change bits quickly and easily with just a twist
    • Includes 2 flat head and 3 Phillips bits that load automatically from the magazine into the bit holder
    • Also includes 2 star and 2 square bits that can be loaded manually using included bit extension holder

12 IN 1 Stubby Ratchet Screwdriver Set

    • brookstone-ratchetWith forward/reverse selector
    • Locking action 1/4 bit holder
    • Double-ended bits slot neatly into the handle
    • Contoured handle for added comfort and grip
    • Great for working in hard-to-reach corners
    • Ideal glove box tool
    • Spring loaded mechanism



Replacement Fuel Cap

Brookstone-Replacement-Fuel-CapReplacement Fuel Cap

  • Ideal solution for lost or damaged fuel caps
  • Universal Fitting