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Holts Auto

Delivering a complete range of the best aftermarket products featuring the Simoniz high performance valeting range of products specially formulated to add sparkle to Cars both inside and out. SRL distribute a comprehensive range of Simonize producuts

Valeting Interior Range

Since 1910 Simoniz has been providing high performance valeting products to care for your car. From polishing your paintwork to cleaning your dashboard Simoniz has the solution for you. With a specialist team of chemical engineers and 100 years of experience, using Simoniz ensures you are using the best products on your car.

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Holts Auto Distributor Ireland

Exterior Range of Holts Auto

Gun Gum Repair Bandage

gun-gum-bandageThe Gun Gum Bandage has been developed to repair holes and splits in silencer boxes for a gas tight seal in minutes. The bandage is easy to use; simply moisten and wrap around the hole, then allow to dry and harden.

Bradex Easy Start

Bradex-Easy-StartBradex Easy Start is designed for use in an emergency where the engine won’t start, which could be caused by a number of different ignition problems and it can be used on all engines, whether diesel, petrol or paraffin.Simply spray into the air intake for a few seconds. Bradex Easy Start  is suitable for all engines including cars, vans, motorbikes and lorries.

Product Code:BES1A


Tar & General Spot Remover

Tar-Remover-HoltsThe heavy duty formula quickly softens the tar, making it easy to remove without causing damage to the paint work. It can be used to clean sticker and badge adhesive and residue. The formula will soften other stains such as tree sap and insects. * Removes Stubborn Staines Effortlessly * Removes Bird Droppings * Advanced Super-cling Formula.

Product Code:TAR1


Tyreweld Puncture Repair

Holts Tyreweld 400mlTyreweld Emergency Car Tyre Repair is a quick and easy to use solution to punctures which gets you back on the road without having to even touch a wheel nut.

Product Code:HT3YA


Radweld Radiator Leak Repair

Radweld 250 mlRadweld is suitable for all cars and mixes with all coolant/antifreeze. You don’t need any special preparation to use Radweld, there’s no need to drain or flush the cooling system. Simply pour and fix, it couldn’t be easier. Radweld then works its way through the system to target radiator leaks, without damaging or clogging the system.

Product Code:RW2R


Holts Intensive Cleaning Screen Wash 125ml

Holts-Intensive-Cleaning-Screen-WashHolts Intensive Cleaning Screen Wash is a concentrated one shot formula which makes up to 5l of screen wash. Its fast cleaning action keeps your windscreen clear and prevents dangerous sun glare.

Product code:HSCW0003A


Holts Screenies Car Glass Wipes

Holts-screenies-supplierHolts Screenies Interior Screen Wipes let you quickly clean your interior car windows any time, to increase visibility. The wipes can be conveniently stored in your car or glove compartment and contain a powerful cleaning agent to remove dirt and marks from interior glass in seconds.

Product code:HWPS0001A


Redex Diesel Treatment 250ml

Redex-Diesel-Treatment-250mlThe Redex Diesel Treatment removes harmful deposits that build up in the fuel system, leading to fuel savings and reduced emissions.

Product Code: RADD1201A


Redex Diesel Treatment 500ml

Redex-Diesel-Treatment-500mlThe Redex Diesel Treatment removes harmful deposits that build up in the fuel system, leading to fuel savings and reduced emissions.

Product Code: RADD2201A


Redex Petrol Injector Cleaner 250ml

redex-250mlThe Redex Petrol Injector Cleaner removes harmful deposits that build up in the fuel system, leading to fuel savings and reduced emissions.

Product Code: RADD1101A


Interior Range of Holts Auto

Back To Black Trim Restorer

simonix-back-to-blackThe Simoniz Back to Black Trim Protector can be used on your cars interior or exterior. It is quick & easy to use, simply spray on & buff to leave all surfaces with a ‘new-look’ finish.

    • Suitable for interiors & exteriors
    • Can be used on all surfaces
    • Easy to use spray application



Anti Glare Glass Cleaner

simonz-anti-glare-glass-cleanerSimoniz Anti-Glare Glass Cleaner is a specially formulated window and headlight cleaner, developed in the lab and tested on the road to give you the best view possible.

    • Guaranteed high visibility
    • Streak free finish
    • Can be used on interior and exterior glass
    • Quick and easy to use



Gloss Dashboard Wipes

gloss-wipesSimoniz Gloss Dashboard Wipes are specially formulated to protect your dashboard and maintain shine to keep your interior looking as good as new.

    • Guaranteed long lasting protection
    • Beautiful gloss finish
    • New car fragrance
    • Convenient pack for cleaning any time


Product code:SWPS0009A


Matt Dashboard Wipes

matt-wipesThe Simoniz Matt Dashboard Wipes will give a new look dashboard. The handy wipes fit into your glove compartment to make it easy for you to take care of your interior.

Product code:SWPS0010A


Leather Protection Wipes

leather-wipesThe soft material of the Simoniz Leather Wipes make it an easy and convenient way to look after your leather interior. The carnauba wax nourishes the surface while the wipes remove marks and dirt, offering superior cleanliness and comfort.

Product code:SWPS0008A


Upholstery Wipes

upholstery-wipesThe Simoniz Upholstery Wipes have a foaming action developed to remove tough stains quickly. Keep them in your car and use them any time to freshen your interior and restore that lovely new car fragrance.

Product Code:SWPS0007A


Shampoo & Wax

shampoo-and-waxThe Simoniz Shampoo & Wax is great for giving your vehicle a deep clean and long lasting shine, using its streak free formula removes harmful deposits.