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Gadjet is dedicated to giving you the very best of consumer electronics and phone accessories with a focus on uniqueness, premium quality, customer service and accountability. Gadjet was founded in 2013 and they have rapidly expanded ever since.

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Gadjet Product Range

Gadjet AC USB Wall Charger

This AC USB Wall Charger Plug is universal and works with the iPhone, Galaxy, HTC and other USB powered mobile devices. It features an ultra-compact design with smart grips on the side for easy access and removal from the wall.  This AC USB Wall Charger Plug offer fast and efficient charging at home, in the office or on the go.


GadJet Aux Audio Cable

This essential Gadjet Aux Audio Cable links your portable music devices and mobile phone to speakers, allowing you to enjoy your tunes in high quality. You can connect this Audio Cable to your MP3 player, smartphone or tablet and link it to the 3.5mm input of your Hi-Fi speaker system, car stereo or PC.


GadJet Charging Dock for iPhone 5,6,7

This iPhone 7 Charging Dock has been expertly fashioned for ease of use (see our Charging Dock For Galaxy, HTC, Micro USB Phones Micro USB Charging Dock if you have a Micro USB compatible phone). The novel pass-through technologies we have taken advantage of ensure that you can charge your phone and synchronise your data simultaneously. This means you can fully charge your phone while your music, documents and videos are transferred to and from your computer and phone.


GadJet Charging Dock for Samsung,HTC

This Gadjet Micro USB Charging Dock for Galaxy, HTC and other Micro USB phones is elegantly designed for ease of use. We have taken advantage of innovative pass-through technologies to enable this Micro USB Charging Dock to allow you to simultaneously charge your phone and synchronise data with your computer.


GadJet Classic Earphones

These Classic Earphones are perfect for everyday use and have a powerful base. You can listen to your favourite music in high quality audio with the comfortable eartips that sit perfectly in your ears. It comes with a hands-free option allowing you to take calls on the go so it is super convenient.


GadJet Dual USB Car Charger

This Gadjet 2.1 Amp Universal Dual Car Charger is compatible with iPhone, Galaxy, HTC and other mobile devices and will charge two phones at the same time while you are on the road!


GadJet Elite Earphones

Listen to your favourite music in high quality with the stunning Elite Earphones, with enhanced bass and clear sounds. The earbuds have been specially designed to ensure maximum noise isolation while comfortably fitting in your ear.


GadJet iPhone 3 & 4 Cable

This 30-Pin Gadjet iPhone 4 USB Cable is compatible with all 30-pin Apple devices i.e. iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3, iPad 2, and iPad 1. This iPhone 4 USB Cable allows you to charge your phone by connecting it to your PC’s USB port.


GadJet iPhone 5 & 6 Cable

This beautiful 8-Pin Fishnet Cable lets you quickly and efficiently charge your iPhone 5/6/7 while also syncing and transferring your data. Exquisite materials have been sourced and brought together using the latest technologies to create a unique and elegant cable for your iPhone and iPad.


GadJet Micro USB Cable

This Gadjet Micro USB Cable will quickly charge and sync your Samsung, HTC, Blackbery and any other Micro USB compatible device. It has been expertly constructed to last long by using prime materials and taking advantage of the latest technologies.


GadJet Single Car Charger

This Gadjet Single Car Charger is universal and compatible with most USB powered mobile phones e.g. iPhone, Samsung, HTC etc. It is a must-have for anyone who is driving on the road and has a mobile phone that is USB powered.


GadJet Type C Cable

Charge your smartphone, tablet or laptop super-fast with this Gadjet USB Type-C Cable. This cable has been perfectly engineered to provide high-speed charging for all your devices. It has been beautifully designed with a metallic finish that feels premium in your hands. Syncing and transferring your files, music and movies to and from your device has never been this quick and efficient.


GadJet Universal Portable Battery Charger 2600 mAh

Featuring a sleek, compact and exclusive design, this 2600 mAh Universal Portable Charger delivers a fast charging system with the safe and advanced Lithium – Polymer battery technology. This stylish and convenient rechargeable power bank ensures that you always have a battery charging backup when you are away from an AC outlet.